Iceland, The Land of Fire & Ice

Iceland is country of wild and beautiful landscapes.
It is also a land of good people and peaceful living.
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A beautiful green valley in Iceland

This picture is copyright © by Dr. Ed Jackson of the Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Alberta, Canada, and may not be used without his permission.


An awesome picture of a volcano and an aurora over Iceland. This could happen only in Iceland, the land of fire and ice! For more beautiful pictures of the aurora borealis on Sigurður Stefnisson’s website see the link below picture.

A volcano and an aurora borealis over Iceland

This picture is copyright © by Sigurður Stefnisson and may not be used without his permission.

There are many more of Sigurður Stefnisson’s aurora photographs on his website. The site is in Icelandic. To see the aurora photographs, type the word “aurora” in the small box labeled “Leitarorð hér”, and then click the button labeled “LEITA” next to the search box.


A fascinating satellite view of Iceland in winter.
(Click on the picture for an enlargement.)

Satellite view of Iceland in winter



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